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Dominyay yay ve Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Who Are We?

Dominyay produces standard pressure, return and cocking springs, wire formation, clips, return springs, sheet metal form springs and wheel cover wires mainly for automotive and major appliances industry in Izmır Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone.

Dominyay coordinates the design and production of goods, delivery in time, internal and external quality, durableness, fulfilling the risk caused by environment and safety standard requirements by working with its customers to meet their spects and needs. Our production process complies with TSE, ASTM, DIN, EN, BS, UNI, JIS and specific customer norms.

Dominay is meticulous on raw material selection and carry out relevant tests and controls in pursuant of international norms before material receiving. (TS2500-1,2,3 TS138EN10002-1 DIN EN 10270-1,2,3)

Dominyay has set up a substructure providing quality for all organization and the required sources for personnel to obtain products in intended quality level and fulfil the responsibilities and supporting this commitment including the personal satisfaction of the personnel and keeps that.

Service Areas

Pressure Springs
Return Springs
Torsion Springs
Formed Wires
Metal Sheet Form Springs - Clips
Wheel Cover Wires