Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 10041 Sk. No:1 Çiğli / İZMİR
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Have ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System certificate.


Dominyay board and all personnel have the mission of keeping up with the quality, cost, technology and continuous improvement principles by adopting the customer oriented approach in spring and clip production.

Our main goal is to be a supplier company adopting the expectations and demands of customers in top level and fulfiling the legal requirements in international standards by our renewed engineering, production and quality leadership.

Working with our customers, meeting the quality, cost and delivery requirements, producing fast solutions for issues with the collaboration of our qualified personnel with team sprit and continuously improving our products and processes makes as to achieve these goals.

We, as Dominyay Yay ve Makina Sanayi, produce standard pressure springs, wire formation (formed wire), clips, return springs, sheet metal form springs and wheel cover wires mainly for automotive and major appliances industry.

Dominyay “ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System” certificate.


We promise to
– not harm the ecological balance by our operations,
– prevent the environmental pollution arisen during our operations,
– minimise our wastes in their sources, provide the disposal of useless wastes by proper procedures,
– provide efficient usage of our energy, raw materials and natural sources,
– monitor the environmental hazards sensitively and try hard to minimise these hazards,
– follow the environmental rules put by the companies that we work for as subcontractor or customer,
– provide all kinds of protection to prevent the adverse impact on health of our personnel and people to be effected from our operations and control the accidents, damages and hazards to be arisen in the our and other individual’s property at the beginning,
– take the Environmental Management System concept as a life philosophy by raising environmental awareness,
– carry out studies to raise environmental awareness for the parties in interest,
– meet our legal obligations, applicable environmental legislations and the requirements of the related companies,
– reform and improve our Environmental Management System regularly,
– fulfil the needs and expectations of our customers in conformity with the Environmental Management System requirements by following the technological innovations in electricity sector with our board and qualified personnel.